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As Swiss citizens and as representatives of business, science and politics, we want to contribute to a strong Europe. Because the realities - the war in Ukraine and Gaza, geopolitical polarization between democracies and autocracies, or questions about the future of the economic system in the face of the climate crisis and the threat of deglobalization - make one thing clear: In the long term, we can only be effective if we act together. 

As a nation in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is part of Europe and we are all Europeans. We are a privileged nation, and we have an obligation to strive for the preservation of European values and for the diversity of this unique continent. 

Where do we want to live and where do we want to do business in the future, if not in a free, safe, competitive and democratic Europe - in other words, in a strong Europe?

Entrepreneurial spirit as well as the European balance of humanistic education, sustainable principles of action, innovative technology and welfare state regulation are the future ingredients for the digital age. From Lucerne, we want to contribute to shaping this multilingual continent into a safe and strong economic and living space.


Lucerne Dialogue, based in Lucerne, is an association and therefore not for profit. The Board of Directors is composed of the members of the Executive Committee and is advised by the international Advisory Board. For the operational implementation and the management of the office, the Board of Directors has mandated the company LINDEN 3L AG, based in Bern.


The association was founded in 1996 as Europa Forum Luzern. A group of personalities, organisations and political bodies such as the Canton of Lucerne and the City of Lucerne decided after the EEA-no in 1992 to actively promote Switzerland as a business location and its relations with Europe. With the election of Marcel Stalder, CEO of ChainIQ, as president in 2019, the Europa Forum Luzern was handed over to new management. Since then, the association has continuously developed the platform and introduced the name «Lucerne Dialogue»in 2023 with the new positioning.

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