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We want to take on our responsibility as a platform that connects leaders and generations from all over Europe. We do this by bringing together outstanding people and supporting successful dialogue. Dialogue, when done properly, changes your own awareness.

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Zwischen Tech-Hype und Schwellenangst: Was fördert die Akzeptanz neuer Technologien?

Between tech hype and fear of thresholds: what promotes the acceptance of new technologies?

How we live, do business and consume is changing every day. New, even disruptive technologies are fuelling innovation and the associated change. Artificial intelligence is probably one of the most influential examples of our time. However, not all developments are as successful as OpenAI has been with its chatbot ChatGPT. What does it take for new technologies to be accepted? At the meet-up with AMAG, we explored this question together with experts.

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Im Kreislauf – Gebäude anders denken

In the circle - thinking differently about buildings

Alongside industry, energy, transport and agriculture, the building sector is one of the biggest CO2 emitters. Innovative construction is just as important for the environment as the way in which buildings are equipped and utilised. What forward-looking approaches and business models are there at the interface between construction and building utilisation? At the meet-up at V-ZUG, we explored this question together with experts.

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Wurzeln des Unmuts: Warum wir Populismus ernstnehmen sollten

Roots of discontent: Why we should take populism seriously

How did Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as president come about? Journalist David Goodhart sheds light on the causes of populist movements and how we can respond to them. A report on the session at the Annual Meeting 2023 by Viktoria Hug.

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Unsere Zukunft im Weltraum: Was ist für mich und mein Unternehmen drin?

Our future in Space: What’s in for me and my business?

Does Europe have a chance in the reignited Race for Space? How can companies benefit from space technology? Three experts provide information at the Annual Meeting of the Lucerne Dialogue. A report on the session at the Annual Meeting 2023 by Viktoria Hug.

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KI in Europa: Wie regulieren wir heute die KI von morgen?

AI in Europe: How do we regulate tomorrow's AI today?

The AI Act is intended to regulate the use of artificial intelligence. But how can the balancing act between regulation and innovation be achieved? A report on the session at the Annual Meeting 2023 by Viktoria Hug.

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Eröffnungsrede Annual Meeting 2023

Opening speech Annual Meeting 2023

On the still calm shores of Lake Lucerne. Opening speech at the Annual Meeting 2023 by Director Dr Dominik Isler.

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«Eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit Europa ist für die Schweiz unabdingbar»

"Good cooperation with Europe is essential for Switzerland"

At the Annual Meeting, Federal Councillor Viola Amherd calls for a strengthening of Switzerland's and Europe's defence capabilities. A report by Jasmine Alig.

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«Wir brauchen einen change of mind»

"We need a change of mind"

How important should ESG guidelines be for companies in Europe? This question will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in Lucerne. A report by Jasmine Allig.

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Was sich junge Führungskräfte für Europa wünschen

What young leaders want for Europe

Education, health and the world of work: these areas are forward-looking for a strong Europe. This is the opinion of young leaders on stage at the Annual Meeting. An article by Olivia Ruffiner, Handelszeitung

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«Am Ende hat man eine Gesellschaft, die man nicht haben wollte: Passiv, infantil, narzisstisch»

"You end up with a society you didn't want: passive, infantile, narcissistic"

Generations come together in Lucerne to discuss Europe. The speakers have clear words about where we are heading. An article by Tina Fischer, Handelszeitung

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Am Puls der Europäischen Union

On the pulse of the European Union

Together with the Regio Basiliensis, a delegation of the Lucerne Dialogue Enabler Circle travelled to Brussels at the beginning of September 2023. Fabienne Kinzelmann, journalist Ringier Axel Springer, accompanied the group. Read her report on the trip here.

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Wir müssen uns alle für den Erhalt der Demokratie engagieren

We must all commit to preserving democracy

Parallel to the Annual Meeting, Lucerne Dialogue organises a Basecamp with about fifty young European leaders. This year's programme includes the Impact Workshop on Democracy and a Hackathon. Learn more in the interview.

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Lucerne Dialogue als Ort der Inspiration

Lucerne Dialogue as a place of inspiration

Dominik Isler, Director of Lucerne Dialogue, and Nicole Büttner, Co-President of the Advisory Board and Founder and CEO of Merantix Momentum, in an interview with Stefan Barmettler, Chief Author of Handelszeitung, on the repositioning of the Lucerne Dialogue platform.

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Lucerne Dialogue Magazine 2023

Lucerne Dialogue Magazine 2023

Have you already discovered our new Lucerne Dialogue Magazine? It appeared today as a supplement in the Handelszeitung. Look forward to exciting reports, interviews and articles.

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Programme Annual Meeting 2023 is out now!

The Annual Meeting 2023 will be a rendezvous with Europe's future. Meet Sweden's youngest cabinet minister Romina Pourmokhtari, author Tobias Haberl, climate geopolitics and peacebuilding expert Olivia Lazard and many more.

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Speaker-Montag Sebastian Fittko

Focus on Speaker Sebastian Fittko

Digital transformation and startups have long been a part of Sebastian Fittko's everyday life. Since 2018, he has now dedicated himself to the topic of the regenerative economy and is the co-founder of the «Initiative Regenerative Marktwirtschaft».

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Speaker-Montag Joana Lenkova

Focus on Speaker Joana Lenkova

As a strategist and futurist, and with more than 15 years of international experience in marketing, innovation and corporate strategy, Joana Lenkova is a respected thought leader. Today, she works as Director Strategy and Futures Consulting in her own company and as Futurology Director at the Lego Group at the LEGO Group.

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Speaker-Montag David Goodhart

Focus on Speaker David Goodhart

David Goodhart, British journalist and non-fiction author, will take you at the Annual Meeting on a journey to the Somewheres and the Anywheres and will answer the question of how to overcome politically toxic oppositions.

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Speaker-Montag Lubomila Jordanova

Focus on Speaker Lubomila Jordanova

At the upcoming Annual Meeting, Lubomila Jordanova, Co-founder and CEO of Plan A, will speak about GreenTech in Europe and how we can achieve the ESG goals.

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Speaker-Montag Anssi Rantanen

Focus on Speaker Anssi Rantanen

At the upcoming Annual Meeting, the winner of the prestigious Nordic Business Forum Speaker Contest will talk about the “Future of Growth: How do the fastest-growing companies in Europe systematise their growth?".

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"Europe Forum" becomes "Lucerne Dialogue"

Actively shaping the European continent from the heart of Switzerland: that is the goal of the platform “Lucerne Dialogue - for a Stronger Europe". The platform is a continuation of the renowned Europe Forum in Lucerne.

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