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Annual Meeting

27 & 28 November 2024
KKL Lucerne

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Annual Meeting

27 & 28 November 2024 | KKL Lucerne

On 27 and 28 November 2024, 700 current and future leaders will meet at the KKL Luzern. Unlike usual business conferences, the LUCERNE DIALOGUE offers an active exchange between generations, nations and disciplines.

Enabler Circle

Businesstrip Brussels

Together with the Regio Basilensis, we travelled to Brussels with the Lucerne Dialogue« Enabler Circle» at the beginning of September 2023. The programme included exciting talks and visits: Among other things, we met EU Vice-Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič, discussed with Ambassador Rita Adam at the Swiss Mission to the EU, we visited the headquarters of NATO and received extremely stimulating input from experts in the fields of geopolitics and energy transition.

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Democracy Hackathon

Parallel to the Annual Meeting, the second Basecamp will take place from 21 to 24 November 2023. With the support of Mercator Foundation Switzerland, we are organising a "Democracy Hackathon". The aim is to make an effective contribution to the preservation of democracy in Switzerland and Europe. Tangible, concrete and direct. So don't just think, but also act.

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Our contribution to your next true dialogue

We want to take on our responsibility as a platform that connects leaders and generations from all over Europe. We do this by bringing together outstanding people and supporting successful dialogue. Dialogue, when done properly, changes your own awareness.

Between tech hype and fear of thresholds: what promotes the acceptance of new technologies?

How we live, do business and consume is changing every day. New, even disruptive technologies are fuelling innovation and the associated change. Artificial intelligence is probably one of the most influential examples of our time. However, not all developments are as successful as OpenAI has been with its chatbot ChatGPT. What does it take for new technologies to be accepted? At the meet-up with AMAG, we explored this question together with experts.

In the circle - thinking differently about buildings

Alongside industry, energy, transport and agriculture, the building sector is one of the biggest CO2 emitters. Innovative construction is just as important for the environment as the way in which buildings are equipped and utilised. What forward-looking approaches and business models are there at the interface between construction and building utilisation? At the meet-up at V-ZUG, we explored this question together with experts.


Annual Meeting 2023

We thank the 700 participants for two days of inspiration and enriching encounters and discussions. Giving the next generation a voice, asking the right and important questions and working together to find answers - that was our goal and we achieved it. Over 25 countries came together in Lucerne and we took the first step towards a European conference.