Impact Workshop Democracy

Together with the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, we have organised the "Impact Workshop Democracy" for the first time at Basecamp 2023. In a hackathon, participants developed low-threshold and feasible projects that make an effective contribution to the preservation of democracy in Switzerland and Europe.

The participants presented their projects to the audience and a jury at the Annual Meeting 2023 with the aim of attracting 'investors'.

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These were the 2023 projects.

Team 3 | Winner

Democratising the workplace

ur aim is to promote democracy in the workplace and give employees an active role in key decision-making processes. We believe that empowering employees and making decision-making transparent will result in motivated employees who want to stay - and attract new colleagues. Specifically, we propose to implement our approach either through voting on a platform or through temporary working group processes. Topics for discussion can be anything from strategic focus areas - to the brand of the new coffee machine. Maybe start small and build from there. If you'd like to know more or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Matilde Andersen - Product Manager, b.telligent | Laura Batalla - Changemaker Europe Lead, Ashoka | Annik Jeiziner - Project Engineer SBB Cargo International | Gioia Lelli - Venture Builder (BA) and Founder (RC), Brainforest  Association and Redest Company | Katri Sarkia - Managing Director, Demos Helsinki

Project 3

Team 1

Democracy inside out

Project 1

Team 2

Rotating Perspectives

Project 2

Team 4

Civic Duty corporate programme

Project 4

Team 5

Civic Days

Project 5

Impact Workshop Democracy
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